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Steps To Positioning Your Startup
Startup positioning as I described above is a key to startup growth and success, even more when you find yourself in a crowded market and, in a very highly competitive markets.
A brief look at some of the steps:

Define your target / market
To build your startup, you must know your target / market, to determine which market you are entering. Targeting and defining a market, allow you to focus, makes you more specific and channel your resources and energy to markets more likely to buy from you. Given the current economic state, having a well-defined target market is very important.

Develop your service/product
What are you offering? What does it serve? Your offering should be tailored to your target.
It must be unique and different from the existing ones. They must be superior. They must be communicable as earlier noted and visible to prospects. They must also be affordable not highly priced above competition and must be profitable to the startup as well.

Identify the attributes
What makes your services or startup different? What makes it remarkable? What are its best features and how best does it resonates with the user?

Collect prospects perceptions
It’s very important for your “offering” (products/services/brand) be tested by your prospects. It creates room for improvements and tailored with the user in mind

Identify your competition
In every market there’s a competition. How do startups identify their competition and match up to it? Strategic planning is needed. Better to identify a niche market which is overlooked by your competition.

How effectively are you positioning your StartUp?

Author: Harmony Attise



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