Continuation from pt.2

So now here comes the big blow? Do you as an entrepreneur or emerging entrepreneur identity yourself with this unique trait only few entrepreneurs possess? If that answer was a fat no, then you have the foremost reason why you may probably be failing at sustaining that business into the ‘big corporate’ entity. In the conflicts of the entrepreneurs daily routines and decisions making about what to do, what not to do, when to do and when not to, how and who’s regarding business management, most often are the surfaces of what actually goes down which obviously yes all entrepreneurs do but do most entrepreneurs get to the point where these distinct traits they need to possess come to play? The answer is No! But let me state that a total success is not only attributed to the “Entrepreneurial Intelligence” though the major key, there are a few which also come into play. There are others such as “Creative Intelligence and emotional intelligence. Many business analysts have a list of their own entrepreneurial traits.

A combination of these will certainly get our small businesses where they ought to be. But as an entrepreneur, you need to identify these traits and create the balance where there need be. Let me not over look the basic qualities of most entrepreneurs which regardless is a must possess; Vision, Planning, strategies, strength, values, passion among others.
So for our rising entrepreneurs who are determined to move forward and succeed in their business growth and sustainability, they will need to think like true entrepreneurs, and not starting businesses for the mere reasons of unemployment and the want to feel self sufficient after university, or inspired by another’s entrepreneurs work and lifestyles.

In many ways, it is the daily sprouting of startups and small businesses, which actually satisfy the needs of their customers on a consistent basis and also the backbone of the economy. Therefore the need for their existence is crucial and their growth is dependent on just more than the passion, the planning, and the monotonous industries they emerge from. They need to find the balance and perform.


Author; Harmony Attise



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