The reality check is a hard blow to the heart and only the strong willed and purposeful entrepreneurs survives it. In all the rise and fall of the several small businesses, is a missing link that seems to not have gone down well with our rising entrepreneurs. Who is an entrepreneur? What makes and qualifies one as such? What structures regulates these rising entrepreneurs? What purpose are they serving? We can keep asking the questions.

Working with SMEs and Startups, we (as a business development company) have experienced that entrepreneurs have great amount of zeal, passion, the speed to hit excess revenue and sometimes love for the work they do. But often, they lack in the most important prerequisites “surviving grace” managing these businesses more professionally like the ‘corporate world’ does. It’s an unfortunate myth that only the ‘big corporate’ can work professionally and small business do not need to go for professional management in their set up.

It is evident that anyone can be an entrepreneur, can start a business, make money but not everyone can grow a business into serving the purpose much more than just the title of entrepreneur, the business name and its services. You simply need more than the passion, the zeal, education and the desire to make more money. You need what I call the “Entrepreneurial Intelligence” which make me tend to believe the school of thoughts that; ’Entrepreneurs are born not made’.
This thought nevertheless is debatable but the truth is a bitter one to swallow.

So what do I mean by “Entrepreneurial Intelligence?

Often people tend to compare entrepreneurial success with commitment and hard work, though not an invalid truth, successful entrepreneurs share a very distinct traits. I simply believe that true entrepreneurs possess a unique kind of intelligence. These traits are higher than the average educational intelligence. It is a unique intuitional intelligence which set apart true entrepreneurs from the mass.
I would not want to divert into the spirituality of this trait as many people widely view it. Whether or not you possess that spirituality as an entrepreneur or not, there is that distinct feeling about business situations only they can explain.

To be continued…

Author; Harmony Attise



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