Continuation from pt. 4

Let’s define entrepreneurial intelligence ..

“It is the ability of applying the highest sense or range of an intuitional cognition of the “ifs and the not’s”, of entrepreneurship and a higher application of the basic components of an entrepreneur”- Harmony Attise (basic components of an entrepreneur listed above)
“The entrepreneurs” have a unique connection amongst themselves, (like-mindedness). I hope you are connecting with me? – One of the characteristics of entrepreneurs who possess the ‘entrepreneurial intelligence’ is having the ability to connect intellectually and instinctively with like minded entrepreneurs.
Logical Reasoning vs. Entrepreneur Intelligence
Moving on, do not conflict “Logical reasoning” which is the ability to make a good judgment or simple reasoning to “Entrepreneurial intelligence”, there is a massive difference. One is having the ability to use an extraordinarily the “highest intuition” possible and the other simply application of common sense.
There are other schools of thoughts or perceptions which describe the entrepreneurial intelligence as the state of being beyond the range of normal perceptions or superior excellence –the “SPIRITALISM” but i would not dive into that connotation.
I’m neither referring to IQs as well. IQ is not a prerequisite to become a successful entrepreneur. If that were the case, the many successful world business tycoons who are school drop outs would never have made any histories. IQ is not the focus in this case but may be applicable in other perceptions.
A deeper identification of a need and the urge to find a satisfaction solution – “hustling the smart way” in other word as “EXPERIENCE” tends to always knock out the “IQ SMARTNESS (educational intelligence)” all the time.
“An Entrepreneur who is unable to create their own experiences to develop solutions from them, to grow and unable to make discerningly intelligent decisions amidst business situations relying on that “superior excellence” of intelligence but would rather depend on guidelines of other entrepreneurs lack the “entrepreneurial intelligence. Some may dispute this fact with the view that we learn from others experiences. Yes! that is true, but how do one build a business only based on others experiences? How does one grow into a successful entrepreneur with solely “feeding” on the knowledge, creations, risks and experiences of others? “A person eats because they feel hungry, not because another has a bowl full of food in front of them so it reminds them to eat”.- You do not become an entrepreneur because you have seen someone do something you think you can do too. You become an entrepreneur because you have identified a need or a problem and have just what it takes to solve it and perhaps even more, and thus the “intelligence” it requires.

To be continued…

Author: Harmony Attise



Startupreneurs is a small business and startup blog by Harmony Attise. Harmony is an award winning business entrepreneur, a small business coach, a Columnist, a writer and a youth development enthusiast. She is the founder and Ceo of Commec Ghana Ltd, a Business development and marketing company (Our Core services foces on developing and sustaining startup and small business growth). She is also a finalist awardee of Africa's Most Influential Women In Business & Government 2016 Awards from the CEO Global, South Africa. Harmony is a YALI alumni and a member of the Crans De Montana Leaders of tomorrow, a Swiss based organization for young leaders. Harmony is a Business columnist with the leading business newspaper - Business & Financial Times (BFTGhana) for startups and SMEs - the "Startup Right With Harmony" Column

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