From my previous article on the above topic, i stated that one simply need more than the passion, the zeal, education and the desire to make money to deservingly ‘wear’ the title entrepreneur. You need what I call the “Entrepreneurial Intelligence” which make me tend to believe the school of thoughts; ’Entrepreneurs are born not made’. This thought nevertheless is debatable but the truth is a bitter one to swallow. Nevertheless, let me emphasize that “entrepreneurial intelligence” is not the only prerequisite to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

You certainly need every bit of all the “intelligences” but one that distinguishes you from the masses is the “entrepreneurial intelligence. A list of some other ‘intelligence attributes’ the rising entrepreneur MUST possess are; Interpersonal Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Situational Intelligence, Business Intelligence (at a higher level other than the basics) etc

Let us take a little depth into ‘entrepreneurial intelligence’.
So what do I mean by “Entrepreneurial Intelligence”?
Often people tend to compare entrepreneurial success with commitment, hard work and the working smart hullabaloos. All though not an invalid truth, successful entrepreneurs share very distinct traits. I simply believe that true entrepreneurs possess a unique kind of intelligence, one which supersedes all intelligence. These traits are higher than the average educational intelligence.
Let me first simplify the components of an entrepreneur. S/he possesses the basic business knowledge which sadly our “wanna be my own boss-titude” rising entrepreneurs do lack. It is one of the factors contributing to the missing link to finding the balance they need to grow. Some of these basics business knowledge are; developing a business idea, standard business management and basic administrations, a little or know how financial accounting and management just to mention a few. These are the very basic practices you would expect every rising entrepreneur to know. We can also call these components the ‘Business intelligence’ but just on the surface.
Note that these components are also complemented by some principles or characteristics such as integrity, determination, risk taking, adaptability, and communication skills etc which groom the rising entrepreneur into a successful one.
Now let’s get down to it!

To be continued…

Author; Harmony Attise



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