THE RISING ENTREPRENEURS; The Missing Link (final pt)

Final part…

There isn’t a foolproof map or guidelines to entrepreneurial greatness – the very importance why every entrepreneur needs this unique trait, the “entrepreneurial intelligence”. It guides you through the “if’s and the not’s”, the most difficult decisional situations as well as many other business growth phases. It’s certainly not that kind of classroom or book intelligence. It is inherent, hence its “uniqueness” Now, I can hope you understand the school of thoughts; “entrepreneurs are born not made”?
To establish and to grow a business is not a “copy, cut and paste” affairs. It’s not about “I can do that too, I have the passion or I am a first class graduate” either. A rising entrepreneur must know when to distinctively and independently make use of their “intelligences”. So the question is; how many of the rising entrepreneurs sprouting like ‘weeds’ without purposes possess the least of this ability? How many?
Entrepreneurship in this part of the world has become fashion and most of our supposedly rising entrepreneurs “wearing” the title without knowing what are appropriates, what fits, what does not and what is right from wrong. To be that successful entrepreneur, you need more than just conceiving a business idea, having some passion for that idea and making a little money from that idea. It takes a whole lot more.
Businesses must grow, they must expand, they must fulfill its purpose of establishment and they must satisfy a need. The country needs more than just sprouting entrepreneurs and businesses to boost its economy, it needs businesses serving real needs, it needs businesses serving purposes.
Africa needs independent economies, hence our rising entrepreneurs must find the balances needed to grow appropriately in the right sectors with the necessary prerequisites with the right business practices and the entrepreneurial intelligence needed to grow them.
Do you as a rising entrepreneur possess this “entrepreneurial intelligence?
Have you found the balance needed for growth?
You are the right person to know if you deserve to “wear” the entrepreneurial title or if you are still finding yourself.

Author : Harmony Attise



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