Why scheduling and planning gives the startup and small business owner some good sanity.

Keeping sane and healthy is the first step to being productive and avoiding burnout.
Startups and small business owners work tedious hours trying to get work done and meeting deadlines. Their weekly to-do-lists can drive one crazy but it doesn’t stop them from getting the tasks completed.

Do you work with a weekly calendar, schedules or plans?
Working insane hours daily will leave you burnout and mentally fatigued.

You can stay healthy, sane, focused and highly productive with a routine.

Here are some four basic tips for the week.

Create a daily routine
Creating a routine does not mean, load it with crazy hours of activities. Your routine should be Simple, clean and precise. It keeps you focused and more purposeful.

Simple routine implies keeping it within reasonable limit. Don’t over burden it. Evenly distribute the tasks for every day of the week.
Clean means define each task or routine orderly. Monday for a Monday and Tuesday for a Tuesday in that order.
Precise! Don’t beat about the bush with your tasks. Eg. Meeting at 2:00pm with Mr. Daniels and not “meeting with Mr. Daniels at 2:00pm, I also have to get there at 1:00pm before him blahblahblah”. The manner in which you create your routine can also leave you mentally fatigued. When it’s simple, clean and precise, it can also motivate you and readily for a positive week.

Create a time frame.
Know when one routine ends for another to start. Routines without time frames leave some tasks undone. It’s either a task is done in time, or not in time and done too late or not at all. If you are unable to get a task done within a schedule, mark it as incomplete and move to the next. You will certainly come back to finish it at the end of a day’s routine. Every entrepreneur has or always have unfinished tasks for a later hour.

Take breaks
Breaks are very necessary.
Take lunch breakfast when it’s time to have lunch. Do not skip breakfast, lunch or meals to get a task accomplished.
Missing meals can leave you easily burnout and with migraines and hence low productivity or zero work done.
Take naps, move around to stretch your legs and get back composure if you have to. Don’t make work a do or die affairs. Healthy mind and body maximizes productivity.

Learn to say NO
Learn to say NO/YES to tasks not in your weekly routine or daily routines. Don’t add up up tasks because you are afraid to say no to a friend or anyone. Adding up unexpected workload to routines will make your schedules and routine ineffective. Let them take a rain check .




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