It was not a glamorous feeling.
It was not an enviable moment..
It was a night of an awakening purpose.

It was a deep, questful dawn. And i felt lost.
I had heard a cry from deep within. It was so loud I felt a shiver down my body.
A depth of purpose awoken from an idled life of supreme excellency.
I thought I had never felt before.

I rose and sat in the far corner of my bed.
I felt cold.
I cuddled hard my broken spirit so not to lose a grip of reality.
I was soaked in my tears
It felt like a second baptism of faith but I was immersed in the pool of my tears.

Where had I walked all the while?
Where had I gone wrong?

My mind kept battling my heart with questions of purpose and reality.

In a split of a second, I got on my feet like a soldier ready for battle.
Stood right in front of my mirror.
The first look at myself gave me a fright.

Who are you?
I softly asked looking at myself in the mirror.

Where do you come from?
Where are you going?

Tears just kept running down my flat cheeks down to my chest.
I pitifully looked down my short limbs.
I mastered the courage and looked at that puffed face in the mirror again and said to myself;
Hey I got you!
Wiping the falling tears off my cheeks, I said it again
“Hey I got you”
Again and again.

Then I gave myself a soft smile, pulling the left side of my lips up.
It felt like love at first sight. With that weird expressions of seeing someone the very first time and totally makes your heart beat faster and louder like a hip hop beats.

I found you!
Yes! I found me.

I professed that love, that strength, that power to myself like no one else has ever said to me.
The feeling was super awesome.
I felt more in love with the puffed face lady in the mirror… each time she repeated those words of affirmation to me.

The moment was magical.
The interaction was deep.
The awakening was significantly timely.
It was a lonely night


All I remember till now; her words to me

“I found you
I trust you
I believe in you
You are strong enough
I will push you
The journey is lonely but walk it again if you have to
Because you will find you and each time will be a different experience.

And I will walk alone again…
Because I will find me.



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