I do not believe in easy success.

“When dreams become costly, hard work becomes a habit and success becomes a lifestyle” ~Harmony Attise

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship will certainly not be as dreamily as a Caribbean holiday. This is a journey that requires so much of you and serves so much for others.

Many have embarked on this journey but only the “willy” have reached their destinations to tell their tales.
Their tales tells of
Loneliness, Challenges, Lost of will and Lacks
But, it also tells of Success, Motivation, Purpose, Drive, Attitude, Determination and lots of positive vibes.

“A man with no purpose to serve do not entertain the needs of others” ~Harmony Attise

I have embarked on so many journeys but none the least makes the soul dance to the tunes of satisfaction.
I have entertained the habits of dreams but neither has any been fulfilling as my journey of entrepreneurship.

Many have different tales to tell.

I tell of the tales that many have told of many years.
I’m telling the tales of many that have set the needs of others before theirs.

It is the tales of Entrepreneurs.

Some say they have the passion that turns dreams into realities
Others say they have what it takes to provide solutions to problems
Many say they are doers and not dreamers

Yet, they start wittily, wafty and then wallow
They start hard, swiftly but shallow
They give up even before they start their journeys

But what do you have?

It is the tale of another entrepreneur
It is the tales of their tails; they fail.

The road to a successful entrepreneurship differs from every entrepreneur
The tales they tell is painy but inspiring

I tell one today because I wore their “tail” tales to inspire my journey.
What is your tale to tell tomorrow as you start your “painy” journey today?

Don’t look back no matter the pain
Don’t start swiftly and wallow
Don’t start wailing to end vainly

“A Purpose without a mission is like a chicken with wings but can not fly” ~Harmony Attise
Embark on a journey with a purpose and a purpose to serve a vision

Embark on a journey and aim to tell a tale of a willy
Be the entrepreneur that embarks on the journey to serve the needs of others and not solely the needs of your belly

Well, let the tales continue
Let the dreams of the entrepreneurs live on
Let the entrepreneurs continue to tell the tales of their own journeys
Tales of sacrifices to serve the needs of others,
Tales of living “shattered tattered” before soaring to progress
And tales of painy, no pennies to power

The tales of entrepreneurs!

Never look back
A man with fears can not mingle with men who takes risks

Do not look back!

Tales of entrepreneurs
Let your tales be heard
Let your tales echo
Let your tales serve a purpose

Tell your tales of tails, painy of no pennies to inspire another entrepreneur to start their journey
But No matter what the tales tells,
Do not look back
A journey once started must lead to a destination.
Let the tales be told!
Tales of entrepreneurs



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