Building the Startup team

Define and Identify Roles

What positions are available? What specific roles do you need to be occupied to get the business moving in the right directions. For instance, marketing manager, HR, Accountant, Sales, Branding, social media etc.
First look at the services you intend to provide or providing. Like those mentioned above. Now that you have defined the positions or roles, who fills them? Sometimes it’s important to merge positions for one person; thus having one person play a double role. Positions such as PR and Social media, Marketing and sales, etc. this makes it easier to run.

Set Priorities

You have identified and defined your available positions and roles. Now prioritize which ones are extremely urgent or top of your list that you can’t do without.
It’s very important not to hire all at once.
Which of the positions would set you going? That is the one you settle on first.

Look at your immediate projects or current services that can bring you good clients and income.
Most startups settles on marketing and sales; since it boost their image and services.

Find Potential Team Members

How do we find who to bring on board. Who do we hire?
It is quite difficult to identity who the right person is to hire. What potentials they have, their commitment, attitudes towards work and in general building the vision.
These days, there are many platforms to look out for the right potentials. There are many local sites, which have huge data of potential candidates for your team; you can also look at professional network social media sites like LinkedIn, Opportunity, Referrals among many others.

These are very affordable or almost free platforms to search for your potential candidates to build your team,.
Bear in mind, not everyone on the Internet can be trusted or provide accurate informations about themselves to inform your decisions; hence take precautions and be smart with your choices.

Interview (Meet With Candidates)

Meeting up potential candidates you have identified doesn’t have to necessarily be formal. A casual meet ups to get to know theses potentials you have found to build your visions would be ideal for startups.
Meet them.
Have chitchat with them.
Build a relationship with them.

Creating a foremost rapport with candidates gives you an insight into what they can add up to your startup vision. It also make room for build on business relationships.
Do not act bossy, too classic or too formal. Be in your startup elements and feel free just like hanging out with colleagues but be focus and descending enough to to pick out the right energy, talents and attitudes for the work.

Put them through the test.

The fact that you’re being less formal with the potentials you have found and getting to know them; should not in any way exclude them from being tested. It is very important to know what they can do physically from what they can say.

There are people who are so good at expressing what they can do than actually doing them.
In every organization, there is the trial period. The big companies call it probation.
If you’re going to pay someone valuable amount of money, be sure they are worth it.
Build up on the testing or trial works. See what they can do at a given time, how excellent and effectively they do them. These would determine whether you can keep them for the long term or let them go when you are not impressed after a result.

There are other post building team activities to look at but we will keep to these basic ones to enable you make the right choices without conflicting your decisions.

Keep in mind that, building a startup team does not only guarantee the growth and success of your business but also determines your many future business decisions. Building a team is critical just as making income and staying relevant.

Be guided with your decisions
Be specific and clear about why you need a team
Set objects
Set team goals and Make intelligent choices .



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