We have been stressing a lot over the past two months on building sustainable startup businesses. This week, let’s get some sanity and reflect over how we can keep or maintain some healthy balance in between the stress.

The challenges of owning a business aren’t always about finances, growth strategies, surviving competition or satisfying customers. Most often, the struggles are personal balances. And usually, the end result can be disastrous.

Learning how to deal with stress and keeping a healthy balance may be as important to your business success as finding how to make a profit and staying in business.
We have heard of instances where, managers or business owners just pass out without any report of chronic illnesses. If you fail to manage effectively, the stresses that couples with owning a startup or small business, you will eventually end up dropping dead even ahead of your business encountering it’s fade out due to improper balance.
In a recent survey of small business owners, 56% percent say they are always on the run – trying to get things done and about 44% said they hardly had enough time for themselves and loved ones.
Most startups and small business owners barely have a social life. I barely had any during my very challenging moments. Because, you feel there is just so little time to complete a heap loads of work than waste precious hours.

To find balance between work and life and living a normal life should be on top of your priority list. Nevertheless, finding that balance can be a difficult challenge.

So how can we find that balance in order to avoid burnout?
Let’s face some truths. Running your own business comes with very huge thinking or reasoning responsibility. From daily management, financial balance, customers satisfaction and many other long list that needs no thinking about most often.
Most struggles faced by startups and small business owners are emotional, physical, mental and financial, which are quite personal but gets entangled with managing their businesses. The startup journey is a lonely one and that itself is a huge stress.

Here’s some few tips of how to manage the stress and keep a good balance.
Time Management
Most entrepreneurs do not have this coming easily. Effective time management is not an issue with organizational management but prioritization. Being a newbie, it’s quite an issue dealing with what are important and what are not. If you want work-life balance, you’ll need to think about everything that competes for your time, then decide what to keep and what to discard. You’ll also need to communicate clear expectations for yourself and others.

Get a schedule
There are days when schedules don’t even make sense. You must be discipline enough to go by them. Everyone makes them but not everyone is disciplined enough to stick to them. That not with standing, get one, it works and helps manage the stress and maintain balance.
Schedule your routines: time to wake up, breakfast, workouts, meetings, social etc. Having time allotted for balancing activities can help you make them happen.



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