Learn to say NO
Many times, we all fall short of this in order to keep up a good impression or when you’re simply that kind hearted person who never knows when to say no. But hey, in business you have got to learn to keep your heart in your pocket and use your head more often.
Just be honest with yourself. Accept what you can handle at a time. Give an excuse if you have to. Do not take too many responsibilities at a goal.

It is much easier to cope with the stress as a startup when you outsource for professional services while you have some time at hand to do others. With business development companies like ours where we help startups manage their stress by providing administrative, branding, PR! Marketing and all the business services they need, you can have good enough balance to keep moving ahead.
It is also important to delegate tasks that are not directly related to revenue in order to focus on others activities.

Keep personal relationships
Family they say will always be there when everything else’s gone with the wind. Your family and friends are the ones who will be there if everything falls apart tomorrow, so make time with them and maintain personal activities. No matter the work loads, make sure to at least maintain a relationship you can always rely on. They will be there to motivate you when things aren’t taking the path you want them to. Even in some cases of financial difficulties, family and friends can also be your sources of financial cushion.

No one should tell you the benefits of exercises. Exercising keeps your body in the right frame. Stimulates your mind into a relaxed state for maximum productivity and also Keeps you active.
Don’t forget a healthy diet, lots of water and a good sleep. Keep in mind; Life before business not the other way round. Keep healthy!

Live in the moment.
Take one day at a time. Even though planning is paramount to business success, focus on a day at a time. You can’t live tomorrow today but when you live today right, you certainly can do with tomorrow. Take things easy and steady. Stress can kill. Manage your work-life balance as a top priority.
Startup life is stressful. We know it. You will certainly encounter many roadblocks, even much than you bargained for. Both the expected and the unexpected

There’s no 100% work-life balance. But keeping in mind that, some good amount of balance can be achieved and bring great order and a stressless life, it’s a head way to success. You often as a startup and a small business owner have to embrace the fact that,challenges and stress go hand in hand with owning and running your own business; shouldering out yourself in readiness for it, will equip you towards bigger ones ahead when you begin to hit the billions. I know the word billions gave you a smile.
So get yourself together, re-strategize to begin a new healthy Balanced life, keep moving ahead, stay focus and remember a good business success first starts with a healthy life.

Stay balanced!



The Startupreneurs is an exclusive startup and small business subsidiary of Commec Ghana Ltd - A Business Development Company. All articles are originally written and owned by the Startupreneurs. Want to start a business, or already in business? Find the inspiration with us, access membership only deals, business packages and discover the enormous supports to help you grow and sustain your business. We are your best solution !

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