“The question isn’t who is going to let me – it’s who is going to stop me?” – Ayn Rand 

This journey, hasn’t been an easy one but he who set’s to embark on a journey, whether certain, prepared or willing, once he takes the first step he must complete it – Harmony Attise.

A little over five (5) years ago, i embarked on a journey into the world of business. I have encountered so many road blocks, fear, uncertainty among many other setbacks. The experiences are my life’s most treasures. I am a woman who has set the sky beneath me so that reaching the height of extraordinary successes can be reachable and easy.

I hardly ever tell people i own a company, because my focus was not flaunting being an entrepreneur, it was to be remarkable being an entrepreneur, impacting and be influential in the sector of business development.

Many wondered why a young lady, would venture into building a business development company when i could have taken the easy path. Firstly, there is no easy path. Its neither because i have the brain and passion for developing businesses, i believe in entrepreneurship being a calling, and I simply know – i will and must do this. It is not a bragging statement. When there is passion and talent, one can assume a high level of audacity to say and do the things they say.

I share another joyful milestone marked on this journey to inspire you where ever you are, most especially as a startup, a small business owner or a “dreaming” entrepreneur; keep dreaming because dreams come true. But while you dream, keep working, it makes the dreams even much more beautiful when they set into realities.

I have been quite busy to update my blog these days hence could not share this with you my ardent readers and followers when it happened.

Barely two weeks ago, i was privileged and honored to be recognized by the CEO Global – South Africa, as one of Africa’s Most Influential Women In Business & Government Finalists across Africa and from Ghana in the field of Business and professional services.

Such a huge recognition for a young rising entrepreneur as myself.

Oops! Did they say Africa’s most influential? Such a huge title but, Let me still live in that moment of Disney land when i first received the call of the nomination almost a year ago and the day of the recognition a few days back. I earned it! We earned it!

I am certainly doing something right and on the right path but I’m glad, I’m honored and I’m humbled with this recognition.

Unfortunately, i do not have much pictures of myself and the event because i was so over excited, overwhelmed and with the presence of many prestigious business folks, i could not afford to miss a little moment.  As and when i have some of the pictures of the West Africa symposium event, i would Update to share with you but for now, here are a few to attest to my recognition.

A very big thank you to the CEO Global, South Africa for giving me such a  huge recognition. I am so  honored and thankful.

To all startup businesses and entrepreneurs, who gave me the opportunity to work with them and for them, thank you. It is through working with you, which earned me this recognition.

And for ‘the all time’ support from Friends and families, mentors, partners and business associates, God richly bless you!

Team Commec, you rock! Thank you for believing in the vision and still working with me to make things happen. Our journey actually just begun.

I’m here to impact and inspire the world of  business. Raising Startup entrepreneurs and building multi billion international businesses; that is the calling.





The Startupreneurs is an exclusive startup and small business subsidiary of Commec Ghana Ltd - A Business Development Company. All articles are originally written and owned by the Startupreneurs. Want to start a business, or already in business? Find the inspiration with us, access membership only deals, business packages and discover the enormous supports to help you grow and sustain your business. We are your best solution !

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