Looked like the year got wings of the eagle; see how fast it flew to October!
Can’t believe it’s October already? It is and there’s so much to do as a startup entrepreneur before the year ends.

Let’s review the past three quarters of the year.

It is so easy to lose focus of loopholes in the past months while you focus on the current month.
In business every month is important, including past ones. Because the past months gives you an idea of which strategies to strengthen, which to change, which plans to develop using the SMART principles etc etc.

These are some few brief tips to look at while in October.

1. First plan for this month October
What’s the plan for October?
What are the new strategies? You should be running by a plan

2. Review the later month “September”
As a startup, you need to write monthly reports on your progress and failures to serve as a benchmark.
What went wrong? What went right? How can you improve or build up on successes?
What did you miss out on or failed to do?

3. Re-visit goals again
What were the goals for the year?
Which of the goals has been ticked done?
Have the goals made any impact, are the goals still relevant?

4. Review Team strength and weaknesses
Growing with your team is very important as well. Getting familiar with their strengths and weaknesses puts you at an advantage. What is missing? What motivation do they need? What extra strength do they need to adopt?

5. Send good wishes of the new month to clients.
Business relationships are very important to startup businesses. Send good wishes to clients to keep a good relationship. Make clients feel important.

6. Put the new plan in motion.
Now, we have looked back on a few loops and strategies. Get these factored into your October plans and make things happen.

Don’t forget these:

a. Financial projections
b. New cash flow ideas
c. Competition
d. Client’s changed needs
e. Improve service and
f. Your brand

These are some few tips to consider for your October calendar.

Wish you the best of the new month.
Keep focused!
Keep working!




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