Here’s how you can deal with these rejections:


Nothing succeeds like a man who has made up his mind to succeed regardless the roadblocks. First of all, know these rejections are a part of the journey you have embarked on. Then prepare your mind to deal with them. You will probably hear or get the NO(s) much more than you will ever hear the YES(s). All you need to do is know this and be prepared to deal with them as and when you hear or get them.
Most often, startups or entrepreneurs in general turn to be supermen and women that they bottle up their struggles and difficulties for the fear of people judging as failures or weak. You are first an regular human before an entrepreneur.Talk to like minded startup entrepreneurs like yourself. Find them within your Regions, Communities, networks etc. No one ever walks down this journey alone. Sharing your difficulties with like minded people can get at least half of a solution you may need or the assurance you not alone.

Don’t be arrogant! Don’t be proud! Many startups become proud and arrogant to admit when they have hit the walls and wrap up their arrogant feelings and drown deep beyond rescue.

I was once told by a mentor, he did not understand a thing I said about a business idea I had shared with him and hence all he thought of to say was a fat no. The No was so painful then, because he was a mentor and I thought he could have taken the time to explain why he said the no. I went back, asking myself, why he was so mean. Yes mean!
I asked myself a million questions but the mistake was not asking the right person the questions; the person who said the No. So I went back to him and asked why he rejected my idea? Guess what he said? “I’m glad you came back. I wanted you to come back and ask me why I said no. There was nothing wrong with your idea but I just did not understand and I was busy”

Sometimes, all you need to get over the rejections is to confidently ask WHY?
You just might get a second chance to explain your idea and get your idea approved. It could be any other thing but never forget to ask the questions. It projects you in a different dimension as an entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid and timid to ask because the first answer was a No.


Nobody said it’s easy to deal with rejections and nobody said it can’t be dealt with. Positive mentality and the ability to absorb negativity to your advantage is a “will” we all dream and wish for. Not all the No should break you down. Let some get you standing tall and fueling your energy to succeed. Most often, the rejections are meant to empower or motivate you. How do you recognize that?
Ask yourself why you started; is it worth continuing?
What’s the vision? Is it worth sustaining?
Learn to empower yourself with rejections as much as you learn about the markets, your clients and your competitions.


Not all the visits to the therapist signals a mental health or a health issue. It’s very necessary to visit a therapist once in a while. If you can not handle these forces of rejections thrown at you, a therapist can assist you handle them. Not everyone has the self will to overcome certain challenges. That is why they are there to aid you get that “will” discipline you need to achieve the things you dream of.

Sometimes, a powerful team is all we need to tackle roadblocks like rejection. A team that motivates each other is just right for a business growth. There are teams that don’t take the No and simply be happy about the Yes. They will come back stronger. Imagine if your team is made up of people who can’t motivate themselves out of rejections or can’t handle failures? You should have a perfect answer to that.

Build a good team that can take you to the next level no matter the rejections you will face as a team. (Read my article on building solid team)
Don’t always look at the No. Some “NO” is not an empty rejection. Stay positive!
Critically analyze why you were rejected. Nobody deserves rejections but sometimes these rejections are in order to get you properly shaped up and positioned for a greater cause.
There is two sides to every coin, take a look at both critically.

“The entrepreneur’s journey to achieve business success is not devoid of rejections. Embrace them and empower yourself to greater heights” – Harmony Attise



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