Many times we hit those “walls” in our lives.

We crumble and get stuck on what ever journey we had embarked on before our untimely devastating encounters; which gets our knees lowered to the ground not to God but to pain

Ever felt disintegrated and failed to feel the parts of your own body alive?

Nothing will ever break you again!

A lot have been broken for days, months, years and unfortunately sometimes, their entire life gets broken away with waste.

The fear to face such same or similar walls, cripple most people from recovering.

The frozen emotions sets in…
You begin to build same walls that crippled and crumbled you to shield yourself

You build fears that do not exist just to escape realities

Strangely, sometimes you build affections, love and genuine emotions that tends to poison the soul.

People waste away pitifully, precious years of their lives in a cage set to trap them by others but worst waste away in cages they set to trap themselves by giving power to people who keep them trapped.

The world has run out of good souls

The world is left empty with people without hearts

The world has been recreated with selfish, hate and robot-some frames.

People, look straight into the eyes of another and slit deep through their throats smiling and soaked themselves in their blood without guilt

People have become so cruel and inhuman, loving and adoring manufactured machines than they would ever do a brother or a sister.

Nothing will ever break you again

Parents, feeding on their children,

Children selling off their parents,

Lovers destroying the souls of each other in depths of destruction in the name of love

Where is love?

Where is brother or a sister?

Where is family and loved ones?

Where is forgiveness?

Where is humanity?


Gone wild with the wind to shore.

Far away with the secrets of the breezes

Maybe, Sent to the camp of the devil or

Buried down the foundations of the earth where evil first begot

Let’s keep hope with possibilities where impossibilities are concurred

Let’s bury love in the graves, that even death would reject our souls and the graves our bodies .

Let’s care so deep and make hate jealous of us

There is still that tiny bit of moist in every dry air.

The heebie-Jeebies can be thrown out to the seas to swallow and settle beneath it’s deepest depths

Nothing can ever break you again

There is a will to those that wish to live

Same to those that finds it to beat the odd

There is some good to every garbage

Find the good

There’s one truth to every lie

Tell one

There’s always a day to night

Be day

There’s love conceived in hate

Be love

There’s good over evil

Be good

Nothing can ever break you again
You can…

Be the strongest

the most forgiving

Ever loving
You can…

Rise and walk amidst the pieces every step up the sky

Rebuilding the the parts of you that felt  life no more

Be the one to lift them up when they push you down


Nothing will ever break you again



The Startupreneurs is an exclusive startup and small business subsidiary of Commec Ghana Ltd - A Business Development Company. All articles are originally written and owned by the Startupreneurs. Want to start a business, or already in business? Find the inspiration with us, access membership only deals, business packages and discover the enormous supports to help you grow and sustain your business. We are your best solution !

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