GO AGAIN SEVEN TIMES – 1kings 14:43

Success is certain when the Lord has promised it.
We must not dream of failures, we must not crush by repeated disappointments; we must hold on to faith as many times as possible, knowing we have worked hard and deservingly will be rewarded with success.

Seven times, a hundred times and even a million times we must go again and make it happen if it’s all it takes.
Many held on to the faith and their reward only to give up when they had reached the end of their tunnels. Don’t be one of them!
Logically, success do not show up at our call, just because we worked and hoped once for it. You must continually work and work for it. Just like the blacksmith forges hard the hot steel into a perfect finish, so must we forge for a perfect success through hard work and faith regardless the number of times we have to try.


Blessed Sunday!



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