Christmas came early for you startups!
To be featured in the country’s leading business and financial times newspaper startup column is a big deal.

Do you wish to be featured?
Follow the instructions below.

1. Follow and like the  facebook page Business &Financial Times
2. Follow and like the facebook page of the columnist Harmony S Attise
3. Take a picture of you reading the startup column which is impacting startup businesses – “startup right with Harmony” in the b&ft newspaper.
4. Use the hash tag  #startuprightwithharmony #b&ft  to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
5. Tell us how the startup column has helped you or your startup business
6. What is your startup story?
7. Share this post
8. Repeat this every Wednesday to get the chance to be selected and featured.
For being an ardent reader of our column, we thought you would love this huge platform.
Follow us and Tag us in your stories and pictures from now 25th October to 20th November.
Please Note that, selection is based on how often you read the column and your startup story.
Isn’t this an awesome way to end the business calendar?
Don’t miss this opportunity to get your startup business reviewed and featured at NO COST (FREE PR) in the b&ft.

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