Adinkra Loyals Dissatisfied; “ Bring Back Our Pie”


Almost every young and old, either on a visit from their hometown to the city, on board a “trotro”, a vendor alongside the streets of Accra or a guest at a Ghanaian function knows that taste of adinkra meat pie; absolutely tasty. A bite or two just gets you full. A pastry brand which started from the city of Kumasi invaded the streets of Accra.

“My first experience with adinkra pie was a bet to have a bite of the pie which I lost because I fell in love with my first bite; but if I had that same bet again today, I would be smiling with a win” – Consumer ‘X’

Adinkra meat pie took over the pastries markets and the streets of Accra aggressively some two years ago. When we say every streets of Accra, we meant every streets. Today, We ask this question; what happened to Adinkra meat pie?

A well branded pie with an excellent sales strategy to start with; but could not sustain competition beyond a year.

Here’s what we think happened to the once consumers favorite pie – Adinkra meat pie.

1. They took the consumers for granted

Most entrants, when accepted by their consumer markets and suddenly overwhelmed with growth, they forget about the roots of their growth – the “consumers” and take them for granted. This may not have been the case of Adinkra pie but if consumers were taken into consideration with regards to the kind of pie they bake for them, Adinkra would still be the “King” of Accra meat pie in the markets.

2. Lost touch with their vision

“One thing is to grow as a business and the other is to grow the vision with the business”. Perhaps, Adinkra may have won the hearts of their consumers but lost touch with their vision; ‘to be the best meat pie in Accra’. And to achieve that vision, consumers have a role to play. Did Adinkra fail to grow with their vision?

3. Compromised quality

Thumps up to the old aged brands that have kept the “quality” of their brands or products over many decades.. This doesn’t happen anymore. Quality is compromised as soon as growth and consumer loyalty is obtained.

“Consumers are very discerning, they know quality from quantity”.

They won’t stay loyal, if you do not stay loyal to their needs. Adinkra may have failed in this regards. A Quality meat pie was compromised for huge markets value.

4. Poor management

Management has a big role to play in the decline of their markets value and consumer loyalty. Who are the management of Adinkra meat pie? Are they just caterers or bakers? If no, what has the management been up to lately? Have the management noticed a decrease in their consumer markets and sales or maybe, they think they are still the “King” of Accra meat pie? Get to work management!

5. Shear ill luck

Sometimes, you just can’t blame anyone. It may just be an ill luck. Just like it happened with Nokia, they did everything almost right but failed to keep up with the “technology race” and market growth. Adinkra is not an exception. They may possibly be doing everything right but nothing may be working out. Could shear ill luck just be the situation in the case of Adinkra pie? Well, time will tell or they will tell us.

Consumers opinion

These are a few sampled consumers view about the Adinkra pie. “Consumer A” represents name of consumer of the product. (real names withheld). Note that consumers Opinion shared are edited to suit professional review standards.

Consumer ‘A’

I loved Adinkra pie. On my way to work every day, I never miss to buy one or two. My last experience was nothing good to talk home about so I stopped buying. I don’t remember when last I even ate any pie. I wish they could do something about it.

Consumer ‘B’

Their meat pie was really nice but it’s terrible now. I don’t know if it’s because of the current economic situation so the pie stuffings are really bad. The one I bought the last time had a foul smell. That was my last.

Consumer ‘C’ 

Nothing has changed for me. I like it and I still like it but it’s not hot like it used to be. Adinkra pie is my favorite pie. Maybe I have not noticed there’s something wrong with it because I just eat when I buy it.

Consumer “D”

Adinkra, Adinkra, that pie “dey be” ( it’s nice) but I hardly see them around often now; I randomly buy when in traffic anyways. They used to be everywhere in that their uniforms.

Consumer “E”

It’s nice ‘papa’ but I don’t see them around anymore. I don’t know if they stopped baking the pie, but I don’t remember the last time I saw one.


“A well preserved recipe is a secret to keeping consumers loyalty and increase in sales margin.”

Whatever the secrets were which lead to adinkra’s market rise in the past year, should be given a major boost again, regardless their market origin

To revive the ‘dissatisfying’ quality, Adinkra must reconnect with it’s consumers again. Find out from the consumers what has changed, what should be added, and what their current opinions are about their product.

A product that fails to communicate with it’s users, fails to meet their needs. A good communication with Adinkra’ loyals would find it’s feet well positioned and back in the markets, reigning as consumer’s favorite meat pie, as before their decline..


Adinkra pie, has been one of the “markets” favorites. Consumers expressed satisfaction and dissatisfaction with their tastes and quality. The views sampled, indicates a dissatisfaction of the “ king” – Adinkra pie.. The review conclusion is not entirely “save your money” but Adinkra pie is still good for consumption – just not of the same taste and quality you were used to.

Availability of the pie, is another story to tell. Adinkra pie, has disappeared from most of the streets of Accra as though, there had been a “rapture”. The few “left behind” streets after the ‘rapture’ have less of the pie. You can only find one if you look harder.

Despite their high markets decline, Adinkra has a higher chances of Winning back their dissatisfied consumers. There’s a Ghanaian Akan proverb that says;

 “ sankofa yenkyire” meaning it is not hateful to return to the old.

We are certain Adinkra would receive consumers love again if it can manage to keep up with it’s ‘traditional’ taste – the “old tasty” pie everyone is used to.

Nevertheless, in our feedback review on Adinkra, we hope to see Adinkra meat pie, back in the market stronger and on the streets of Accra where they “stole” consumers hearts.

You can buy your Adinkra pie on some streets of Accra, especially on the Kaneshie – Mallam roads. When next you on board that trotro or stuck in Accra’s “frustrating” traffic, don’t forget to look out look for the Adinkra pie and share your experience with us.

“Tastes better or not, Adinkra was once Accra’s favorite meat pie”.


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