Banking in Ghana has become a pain in the neck. Customers have wished for it all; good banking deals and discounts, relevance and best customer experiences, convenience and digital banking.

“Customer, they say are always right, but banking customers in Ghana gets nothing close to being considered right – especially customers of the Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd”.

Being the second largest indigenous financial institution in Ghana, with over 150 branches, customers would expect that, this massive growth would also come with many improved services they have been ‘singing” about for years. If you’re a customer of the GCB, your story or experience may not be different from the others who have shared with us.

Hundreds of Gcb customers have complained painfully over the years over poor customer and banking services. They have “slapped” themselves out of loyalty over and over but they keep coming back hoping the story will change; secondly because it is the only indigenous bank they are guaranteed their monies would be safer in a case of bankruptcy or unforeseen circumstances.

Today, they changed their stories by giving their voices a louder tone.

What are the customers of GCB saying?

We sampled as many customers dissatisfaction and painy disappointments.

These are but a few sampled consumers expressed dissatisfaction and concerns with GCB Ltd. Consumer “A” represents the name of customers of Gcb – (real names of customers are withheld). Note that customer Opinions shared are edited to suit professional review standards but are solely their views.

Customer “A”

I have been banking with GCB as long as I can remember. Since my Senior High School days. I guess there was no options then because they were the only bank in the region where my school was located. After university, I started working but where I work is a traditional working environment which banks with GCB. If I had a choice, I would have closed my account long ago. Now I bank with a different financial institution, all I do is withdraw my money and save it in my new bank after my account is credited with my salary. It’s not the top notch but so far better than the GCB bank. A bank with no love for it’s customers.

Customer “B”

Terrible banking services. Do young people still save with them? Well, I think it’s a bank for pensioners, I’m a tech guy so I save with a more technologically inclined bank, which is doing well by all standards. When I think of saving with GCB, then it’s only when I want to send something to my parents back in the Northern Region who don’t have access to the same bank I save with here in Accra.

Customer “C”

If you do not have great patience, you can never save with GCB. They will give you a heart attack, lol! I have been chasing my ATM card with my GCB ‘X’ branch for the past 6 months. I have complained, been there severally but as I am talking to you now, I’m yet to get my Card. You know we teachers get our salaries through the commercial banks and I’m wondering why they haven’t been any options available. GCB is truly a pain to be honest.

Customer “D” 

I have been saving with GCB for so many years now. The only good thing is that, it is here in the market where I have my shop (makola). My child (Review team), I have never been to school. I use my finger prints to take my money. They have no patience at all. They won’t even assist you knowing that you are not educated. They will be watching you in their cages until you either ask an elite customer to assist you, you would have to bear with some of their rudeness to help out. I was hoping by now, they would have developed some better ways for some of us market women who save with the.

Customer “E”

I’m a student and I don’t have all the time to go and spend all my studying hours in a bank to just withdraw some small cash. I can’t afford to. I save with another bank now. I used to save with GCB then during my first year but experience has taught me a lesson. Well, they are not convenient for me as a student. Not fast!

Customer “F” 

Their internet banking should be worked on, oh.seriously! Most of us now want convenient banking services. Their Internet banking is quite poor. I had an issue and sent an email via their online banking and till date, I have got no feedback. We expect more from them but we always get disappointed. So if they can improve on that, it would be good. Aside from their services not meeting what some other banks are offering, their workers have these weird attitudes. Some of the workers really have bad attitudes, seriously. They are not readily supportive too when you need any assistance.

Customer “G”

Gcb is always crowded. No where to sit. There has been no single day I have gone to the GCB branch, that the place isn’t crowded and with no proper air conditioners. Very bad. The only good thing is that, they are an old bank so you’re sure your money is safe and they won’t run away.

What we think are the problems with our indigenous bank – GCB  

Traditional banking

We think GCB may still be the ‘traditional financial institution’ which cannot easily embrace the new age banking.

Traditional banking may be good and conservative but businesses must grow with the economical advancement and banks are no exception.

There may have been some upgrading but to what extent? Why are their customers still highly dissatisfied?

Poor customer services

If 5 out 10 of GCB customers would testify of good customer services from their various GCB branches, we will quickly do a feedback review. What we realized during our research and interaction with GCB customers, prove that 9 out of 10 customers have experienced bad customer services. Workers do not appreciate their customers. A little or more customer care and love would go a long way, especially to their aged customers.

No innovative services.

When we say, GCB is still a traditional bank, we meant it by all standards. Take a look at their services now; compare that to their services 10years back. If we are wrong, we would definitely do a feedback review as earlier noted. Global banking has taken a different direction in a positive way. Most banks in Ghana are still behind the standards. Our “great” GCB is one. Let’s see more innovative, competitive banking services that would project the bank into a higher dimension as it should as the second biggest bank in Ghana


The value-add services GCB’s customers want now.

Based on our survey of what GCB customers want from their banks, customers would want more than what’s been given whether at a fee (since most services attracts some charges)

GCB customers want

a. rewards for their business

b. Assisted to build wealth

c. Be treated as persons and individuals

d. Aid them mange their finances adequately

e. A welcoming banking environment

An average of 7 in 10 elite customers would pay for desired services, while 4 in 10 ordinary customers said no to extra services at a fee because they deserve more, and not pay more.

Traditional banking is long dead, embrace the new age GCB

Imagining walking into any GCB branch to some high standard banking services? We are certain, customers would love to visit the bank everyday and as well bring back all lost customers. GCB, has served Ghanaians well, true, but all customers are growing and most all grown up, it would be great to break some traditions to as well to grow with them.

Customers would love to see and experience some innovative services

It is every customers joy when they are offered upgraded services, innovative, and pleasing services that would make their lives much easier. Services are provided to solve customers problems. But how do companies keep doing that? By improving their services as often as possible and interacting with their valued customer about their needs..


GCB being the second largest bank in Ghana, most “easy to save” bank and the bank available in every region of the country, should be ranked the best or at least at the top with fast rising banks in the country. The customers have spoken and their voices, indicates a dissatisfaction and demands a turn around in the services provided by their bank.

Customers want more value added banking services, they want just more than banking, they want protection of their monies, which represents them. When customers say protection, they mean, protection from

a. Cyber attacks

b. Identity theft

c. Poor investments

d. Bad markets conditions etc.

Banking has gone beyond being just an institution where one save or keep their monies. Banking means a lot more than the traditional banking services to customers.”

Gcb have provided quite some long cherished services in the country but it is time for GCB to take over the banking industry and improve their market competition

Nevertheless, we believe GCB is still a safe financial institution to do business with as an individual or an organization. The choice is yours to decide ; where your money goes should be a priority. .


Ratings are based on our sole analysis, prior visits to the bank, research, market competition analysis and customers dis/satisfactions and opinions.

NOTE*** Our market reviews are professionally done with expertise, hence, with no intentions to discredit, or insult any brand or organization. Products, services, users,etc – reviews are solely our market research findings, surveys, market analysis, in/direct experience and consumer opinions aimed at consumer protection and rights to highly standard products and services. If you have any reservations contact us.

If you do have a feedback on any of our reviews, suggestions, recommendations or any experience with a service, product, markets experience, etc do not hesitate to send them via



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