Still in the Whims of Setting New Year Resolutions?

2016 has been a great year, lots of achievements, hard failures and many successes. Entrepreneurs set goals, strategic goals to launch a new business year. Resolutions are for personal relationships. Don’t treat your business or company as one.

Generally, most businesses have goals and plans and on how to achieve them. If your startup business have neither of these, then get busy brainstorming.

Many entrepreneurs make personal resolutions every new year, to inspire themselves to achieve or do something; like being a better person, losing weight, getting rich blah blah blah. As an entrepreneur, you should be more inclined to set professional goals that would help you grow your business. Resolutions are not good enough, set some ‘terrific’ goals. That would be more like it.

If your business failed pretty much in 2016, a resolution would not do much saving of it in 2017.

If you’re still lost in a whimsical resolution, here are some tips to get you waking up to setting some successful business goals for the year.

Here are some Six steps to get you started

1. First, get over the year new resolutions and set realistic business goals.

New year resolutions are dramatic and unrealistic in the fields of business. It’s idle to set some checks and boundaries every now and then but new year resolutions are not entrepreneurial. It’s all about goals and planning – Strategic goals.

When you have succeeded in throwing out the ‘new year’ resolutions into the bin; then you are set to develop some idealistic business goals to jump growth your business (take the next step of business growth).

It would be a child’s play to hold on to a long list of resolutions, when you should be developing great plans leading to achieving the goals. Get some real business goals on paper.

2. Re-examine your business success in 2016 (Do your business need a whole new direction?) 

2016 has been a long year. There were some success stories, failures and total disasters. Every business experiences that. A new business year has begun and some basic questions to ask regarding your business should be;

a. Does the business need a new direction?

b. Is the business in line with it’s vision and goals?

c. What worked and what failed to work?

d. Did the business make enough turnovers?

e. Do your business need a new plan?

And the questions goes on.

If the answers are good enough to keep the business moving, then keep moving. If not, look at other plans to keep the business running.

Some thing that can work in the new year should not just be based on what failed but take a look at the markets again. What is new?

Consumers needs may have altered or completely changed; how can you improve?

Economic situations may have improved or worsen; how do you adjust?

These should be some factors to consider in taking a total new direction for your business or to improve.

3. Inspire yourself and team for the year

Having gone through steps 1 and 2, you should arrive at an actualization – Motivated or despaired.

New year’s resolution do not motivate you, situations do. How to change them is a step to making a headway.

Startup businesses go through these phases all the time. You are not alone.

Motivate your team with other startups situations.

Inspire the team with the vision of the business.

Gear up to create better solutions as a team.

One important reason to keep your business running is the fact that it’s still running. There’s no hope for a folded business. If your business is still running, you are still in the game. Get out there and play it the best ways you can.

4. Launch out your goals ( Get busy)

Time to get busy with new projects. What’s new on the tables?
Take one phase at a time and launch it.

Here’s a quick reminder; running a startup business is like a game. You lose or you win. It is important to enjoy every phase of it. Whether a loss or a win. You learn most, when you lose but do not set out to lose. Play your best. You will certainly appreciate the success, if you pass out the startup phase.

5. Position for growth and bigger opportunities  

Business growth and bigger opportunities are every startup business goals. It’s the ultimate success of every businesses. They thrive everyday to grow into successful businesses. How you achieve this, depends on how well you are prepared. Opportunities enhances these growths. In the goals you set for the year, should be strategic plans of how to position for bigger opportunities that would lead to growth. Whether a local or an international opportunity, you must be prepared for it.

So how do you prepare? Go back to your idea board and not a new year resolution list.

6. Take risks and achieve results

Startup businesses are nothing like the ‘big deal’ businesses. You are free to take huge risks. Not just risks for the sake of taking them but SMART RISKS.

When you take smarts risks, you achieve realistic results.

2017 has just began. The same urge to do something bigger than the year before but the plans and approach should not be the same. Every entrepreneur has their own unique drive and intelligence in running their businesses. Do not be pressured to join the mad rush of doing what everyone is doing. Take your time, to find a problem that actually deserves a solution and make it happen.

If you are contemplating of starting a business this year, you don’t have to do it alone. Find a network of growing startups and join make the world a better place.

Need more than just a network? Contact us and will be glad to help start.







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