I woke up with the feeling of “can anyone ever be like me” – so strong was the feeling like the fury storms that hits the west usually without a hint.

Not again i said; with my legs of a beauty crossed and the sexy stretching thingy going on.

His love is much pleasant with me. He knows it.


He wishes i resided in the heavens with Him so i can witness the fall of pride every morning when i open those eyes of the goddess of love and beauty.

Afrodita! Afrodita!!

Just how He calls me. How can i not grow a pride so big and famous, measuring to the heights of the heavens and the earth without fear but in Grace?

Such Blasphemy!


This mornings pride is the worst. I felt i can never be replaced. Not in their lives, your lives, in whatever, wherever and whose ever . I’m irreplaceable!

Pride to ashes, ashes to pride

Beauty in vain the goddess will slain

But the goddess rose

She will again and again In the glamour only the deities behold

She will rise defying every morning to the world created to be her footstool.
She is indeed irreplaceable!

Some mornings..

And i never hate it all.
…to be continued



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