“Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference”

What’s important to startups successes is an attitude which is promising as much as their business. Attitudes are as powerful just as words. These two can be conflicting but reflects each other. Your words reflects your attitude and your attitude are the reflection of your words; this is no secret.
However, there are many startup entrepreneurs across the globe with attitudes to kill for but what attitudinal traits sets you apart?

Among the many things startups require hard cash for, attitude is not one of them – it’s at a zero cost. It is the key that sets you apart to achieving success and beating competition. It is nurtured. This mental power is somethings only you, the entrepreneur can have absolute control off. It is a discipline most successful entrepreneurs have developed over the years and a trait that runs through most entrepreneurs too.

People achieve extraordinary successes because of these attitudes. When the attitude beside the ideas and the brand is powerful, success can be achieved on a silver platter. To be honest, developing a winning attitude is not easy but who said it can’t be achieved?

Attitude depicts capabilities and they convey much more than words could. Like they – actions speakers louder than words.

Let’s look at this scenario – You walk into a room full of investors, but before you did, you had worn a broken confidence appearance; a defeated attitude. Instead of assuming a positive mentality reflecting a go getter, your demeanor, showed them how timid you are through your presence. All those investors in the room probably were just looking for an entrepreneur who commands confidence and brings presence. But then your mental attitude would have already disqualified you.

The willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals is limitless but the willingness to improve the attitude it takes to achieve the goals most often sits in its comfort zone. The impact of attitudes through your work and decisions you make for your business can affect so many things in your business; from operations to the end user and the customer. Yes! It goes all the way to affect these elements.

In business, there are some things that are seemingly out of our control, like waiting for a potential client, increasing cash flow, satisfying your customers etc. But you can control your power attitude, through words whether spoken or unspoken and through actions

If your attitude about any given situation is negative, the outcomes of those situations can not be anything better. Many startups fathoms less about these problem because they have not fully realized the impact of their personal mental powers on their businesses. It’s a shocking truth but startups careless about how they indirectly through their attitudes hold back their business successes. They tend to focus on business situations as the cause of their failures. But dear startups, it all starts with you. Your attitude is everything to your business as much as any other needs.

Here are 6 attitudes that hold back startups from achieving entrepreneurial success.

1. Starting big

Who doesn’t want to start big? Every entrepreneur have big dreams of a grand entrants. But here is the truth; your ideas or business needs money to be successful but start from somewhere. There are many business success stories you could learn from, like Steve Jobs of blessed memory, who started from the garage. Most successful businesses today didn’t start from the big edifices you see today. Some barely started from nowhere. Don’t wait for the big “miracle to happen before you implement those ideas or wait for that huge funds before scaling up. Sometimes, all you need is a ‘go get it no matter how small’ attitude. Perceive the big in the small, sizes can be deceptive.

2. Doing what everybody is doing

Ha! My greatest worry. Seeing all startup entrepreneurs doing the same things, overpopulating an industry with no talents and skills is a great concern. Don’t be a copycat! Don’t enter into an industry because it has become the order of the day. You are unique, you have great potentials, you can set the pace too. Do you know it is even more difficult doing what everybody is doing? It takes a lot more efforts and time to be good at what others are good at and It costs absolutely less to start and grow something you are great at and comes with ease. You would not need to struggle with exhibiting the right attitudes that also comes with it. Don’t be a makeup artist, fashion designer, or a photographer because your friends are doing good at it and making some money. Some industries are seasonal, what would you do when a season ends?

3. Procrastination

A popular Junior high adage; “ procrastination is a thief of time” But extensively it is a thief of your talents and success. In this case, it robes you of your business growth and success. We have all been caught in a procrastination trap where you have the best services and products or a project you want to launch but then you keep asking yourself if it’s the right time, and at the end of the day, they only became a dream. Always do what is needed at the right time and for the right purpose.

If what needs to be done is done right and on time, you will be setting out to achieve success.

4. Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress can be one of the greatest setbacks of startups; actually for most entrepreneurs. It takes a great deal of toll on us, on every entrepreneur. Keeping a balance between these and business can set your business in the right pace. It is quiet difficult handling anxiety and stress disorders but it can be managed. (Visit blog to read full article on maintaining work life balance)

However, stress and anxiety can give your attitude a negative boost faster than any mental breakdown. The restlessness and agitations often accompanied by sense of depression and lack of concentration can cause you to make the wrong decisions as well as reflecting negatively in your attitude. Learn to create a balance


5. Can’t take risks

Risks are attitudes of brave entrepreneurs.

“Business is a money game with few rules and a lot of risks” – Bill Gates

Many successful businessmen have entertained risks even much more than they have entertained success.

Ray Kroc’s quote about risks is my favorite- “ if you are not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business” It’s straight to the point.

You must take risk because taking risks is essential to your business growth. Don’t play safe; there’s no such thing as “safe” in business. Risk it all if it’s all what you have and all what is borrowed but take “intelligent” risks.

6. Afraid to fail

There’s no man who has never for a moment entertained the attitude of fear. But how do you learn if you do not fail? In business, you don’t count your failures or losses, you grow from them. It is a necessary evil. It is required to make you a successful entrepreneur. It does not mean you aim to fail. It simply means, when it happens, grow from it. Not every entrepreneur handles failures with the right attitude and mentality. Imagine what you can achieve if you can control your aftermath attitudes of failures? Greatness!

It is better to try and fail than not to try at all; that is a complete failure only positive attitude can overcome.



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