Over the past few years, the social media transformation has brought an interestingly massive change to businesses. It has become a priority and one of the top marketing tools to reach target customers. Despite the interestingly good transformation to the business world, very few startup businesses and owners understand its uses and how to maximize its full potential.

Success stories of many startup companies have proved that social media strategies can impact businesses. Effective social media presence often creates meaningful and sustainable client relationships. Social media has become one of the powerful tool for customer feedback, customer services and to stay ahead of competition.

Thankfully, social media has made it possible for startup businesses to achieve these milestones which used to cost fortunes but now at no costs. Internet has significantly accelerated at a pace where businesses can not do without it but follow suit the pace.

As most startups, money is crucial, it is the spine of their businesses. Growing startup businesses have become challenging but in this age of Internet and social media, it will be deadly for any startup not to engage in building great media presence and winning the loyalties of their prospects with it. It will be as good as having wisdom but forgetting to use it, it is that essential.

Startup’s need money and to get the money, they need customers. The Customers equals money vice versa; a realistic startup customers and money equation. In the case where startup’s need money to get the customers, marketing campaigns needs to be employed. When there is no marketing, nobody would know of your business, as well as your products and services. Marketing creates the awareness and conveys the “story” you want to tell about your business to targeted customers. A generous amount of cash is usually required to reach the right target customers.

But with social media now, startups can even afford to take risks with campaigns and explore as many marketing campaigns as possible to reach customers.

Huge spendings isn’t necessary any longer for businesses to run successful social media marketing campaigns. Social media has come to stay; getting bigger and an most effective marketing tools among business leaders and marketers.

How do startups effectively use social media for the growth and success of their businesses?

Here are 7 essential social media tips for startups

1. First Create a social media strategy

Before setting out to use social media, you must first examine its effectiveness and benefits with your general business goals and objectives. Examples of some focus to look at;

The intent to use social media

The benefits of social media presence to your business

The kind of reputation you wish to put across

The audience target you want to attract

The approach to use

And how to strategically use it to achieve the set goals and objectives.

The checklists are endless. In the case of most startups, the media presence is what their businesses need and takes no time at all to set up these strategies.. There is no outlined plan to maximize their presence on social media.

Don’t just set up social media accounts because you think your business needs it or because your competitors are using it as well. Create a social media presence because you have analyzed the impacts it will give to your business.

This has made most startups business social media campaigns unsuccessful and end up spending monies they do not have for paid social campaigns

The key is to have a strategy; a plan, expected outcomes and then you execute it.

2. Choose the right social networks

Not all social media networks is right for your business. To determine what network is right for your business, have a look at your target group, the nature of your services, your location and age of targeted audience. ( there are other determinants to look at )

Take Facebook and Twitter for instance, they have billions of active users but if your target audience do not make a big part of their user base, then that makes Facebook or Twitter not the right network platforms for you and not because every other business have social media accounts or simply because you think you need a social media presence..

3. Save money on customer service

The main purpose of using social media is to save money and at the same time create a relationship between your brand and customers. So if you spend quite a heavy budget on social media to reach same prospects; it’s either you failed to take step 1 of these tips above or again maybe because your campaign strategy is not reaching the right targeted audiences.

Customer services is important for startups improvement and growth, therefore setting up communication lines that costs big bucks for clients to give you feedbacks on products and services and any other dissatisfactions should not take much of your budget, instead use social media for customer services. Create a customer service forum on your pages to collect and analyze customers dissatisfactions. Note that, even though this is cost effective, if not we’ll managed can break your brand’s reputation. Make use of social media management tools to set up search streams and track all mentions.

4. Use social media for talent haunt / recruitment.

Startups do not have the luxury of recruiting new talents to expand their teams like the bigger companies do. Why even waste resources? People nowadays put their entire life on social media. It will be easier to find new talents via social networks. The tricks are enormous. You can be professional about it by spreading your available openings or positions on your channels. Business presence on social media isn’t just limited to prospects, relationships and generating leads.

Some of your loyal social media followers can turn out to be just the talent you need to add up to your team to work with.

5. Build an online community of brand ambassadors

How much would that cost you? So much less than it would have the traditional way.

You should always unveil the people behind your brand (the services and products you offer). Human beings create relationships and connections not ‘things’. Once in a while share the journey of your startup business with your audiences, your inspirations, and even your failure stories. Let them connect with your brand, and be inspired by it.

When your audiences can relate with your brand and can connect, they become automatic ambassadors spreading forth the word at no costs.

6. Evaluate your strategy regularly

Startups celebrates little successes over long days. It is not a bad thing to be overwhelmed sometimes with the fast growth and achievements, but it is really important to check social media schedules, management routines, analyze audience interactions and responses and steady presence. The more time you spend away without engaging with your customers can create a disengagement.

There are third party social tools that can help you manage your online customer engagements. One of the most used tool is Hootsuite.



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