Like machines wear out, humans do have limits and deteriorates as work exceeds their strength capacity. Superman and Wonder Woman only exists in the fictional world. Lately, I have had questions like; how do you stay motivated? How do you face challenges? How are you keeping things together?
Honestly, all isn’t perfect. There are moments of exhaustions, quite some imbalances here and there and self beating days too. But, the thin line between those days when all seems like a hurricane taking over the ‘all that seemed perfect’ – good days is; I just know when to stop.
In the moments when everything comes to a halt, I take an introspection and then seize control of the things I have power over. Admitting I can’t control everything, gives me the sense of self sufficiency and actualization of being just human.

Now, not everyone or every startup entrepreneur has that much will power. I had to consistently work on finding mine. It is through that process of nurturing self growth and actualization, where I found the balance. I will not brag of an easy process. Even today, there are days when I can’t seem to hold it all together. And It is alright and exactly the realization you need to know it is all a process.

Entrepreneurs are groomed by their circumstances, the clouded journeys and by the decisions they make to effect the changes and impacts they envision.
Firstly, you have to be an entrepreneur, be the in those shoes to know exactly what the process is – For instance, wearing stilettos for a track and field, makes it the case of a square peg in a round hole. To know that you have to wear a perfect Nike footwear for track and fields, you must be an athlete with a good experience.
The process is simply knowing;
a. what you are doing
b. why you are doing it
c. when you’re doing it
d. where you’re doing it and
e. how you’re doing it.
Having identified the process, you now can adapt to it. During these adaptations, you make mistakes, learn and relearn, you grow through the decisions you make, you discover the right path and the will to know what is possible, can be possible and what is not.
The experience can be such a tiny box to fit into. Imagine if one person having to control the success and failures of a business or an entity; first thing that comes to mind is amazing. Well, it is nothing amazing. Running a business can be really tough and hectic. The responsibilities are enormous and it is just acceptable for one to be beaten down to it – this doesn’t make failure desirable.

So you just started a business or contemplating on starting up; that’s the inception of your process.
Some process are defined; especially with entrepreneurs who thoroughly planned their journey – their activities from start is set up step by step. How to start up, when to, and more. If you are the type who evolves into the process – activities, then you will only plan or define your activities and actions when you anticipate the need.
You will realize that, your activities are done and completed randomly unlike when they are planned. Note that every entrepreneur adapts to these processes differently – planned or unplanned. In either cases, each entrepreneur feels the weight and the apprehensions. Knowing well what your obligations are as an entrepreneur who’s pursuing the success of your business, will lessen the heavy loads.

Knowing the process and understanding it can ease the burden of submergence.
When things take the hard turn, some startups are not able to handle it. Others keep themselves in denial of their crush and overwhelmingness. Quite a number of startup owners will also keep themselves over the urge to keep things going without a tickle.
The work is a load for one person to handle. Most times you don’t have to do it alone; that’s why you need to employ a team to support the vision.
In situations where startups bear the whole process – workload, activities and entire management, that becomes the moments when the business begins to run them instead of the other way round; it then eludes them. They get consumed by the thoughts of ownership, profitability, fear of letting it go and finding the balance when they have to.
“You can do anything, but not everything” – David Allen

Nobody says entrepreneurs or startups have to act perfectionists. Many people know it is actually difficult to own and run a successful business. Many entrepreneurs have failed miserably and many will continue to fail. But, the point is not about knowing that you can also fail, or knowing that is a difficult journey; it is acknowledging it and then admitting that it is just acceptable to fail, to not know it all and finding the balance where necessary.
Don’t be a cringy entrepreneur who is so intrinsically connected to their business success that, it begins to run them as the business. Just Breathe!

“More often than not, I find myself in situations where I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel no shame in revealing that”. – Casey Neistat


You will often experience burnouts.
Now, it is okay to be exhausted by the workloads, and many business activities, but, the instant when it becomes a threat to your business and health, note that you are no longer in charge. Frequent fatigues can also indicate a health hazard. No one needs to week nonstop or hours without any rest. Do not take such risks. Pause for a moment and get a life beside your business. It is true that managing a startup business can take a heck loads of toll on you but it is also a choice you make to keep healthy and be balanced to run it successfully. Frequent Fatigues are a sign of losing it.

Let’s pick some tips from Daniel Golemans quote – “If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, but if you can’t have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”

That quite much summarized your emotional Intelligence in running your business.
Your ability to have self awareness – knowing your abilities
Managing distressing emotions – having control
Effective relationships – businesses are all about human relationships; developing and maintaining them on all levels.
Emotional balance is important. Like when to make the right business decisions and not be emotionally compromised. So when you realize it has become tough to make distinct decisions and you are crushed all the time, breaking down at the least failures and emotionally attached to your business, kindly do take a leave of work to put yourself together.

There had been times when I felt satisfied with situations and progress because I just couldn’t seem to have found the right path to reach a higher peak. You won’t be the first to be comfortable with where your business success has reached.
Oftentimes, it is not comfort nor satisfaction; it is simply mere stagnancy. There’re those days in every business owner’s life, when you know there is more to achieve but somewhat you just can’t complain where you are, or what you’re about. When a business ceases to grow, in some cases, it’s not because of certain external or internal factors; It is because the owner or the visioner, has ceased to see beyond the current growth and gradually settles in to comfort with their current progress.

Organizational priorities are those that sets the business into achieving standard results. Businesses have priorities, just as we do for ourselves. You know priorities can be misplaced or totally lost. When a business starts to loss its importance, it begins to sink. If you can’t keep it together and you are everywhere, initiating every idea that comes to mind, developing trending products in the market, losing sight of the goals, you are set for doom.
Take a step back and examine your business goals, re-examine them before taking any further actions. You’re lost, find yourself.

You ought to do the things necessary for your business success even when you are afraid to fail – that is the beauty of making things happen as an entrepreneur. When you make the business vision and goals so clear, fear becomes irrelevant and the opposite is inevitable. The clarity of what your business is all about will stare fear in the face without a shade of doubt.
So take every chance and drop all fears or better still, take a bow.

Most business activities should result in some levels of productivities. You can not be working all hours and days long without achieving anything.
Definitely, it will be extremely exhausting and frustrating. Unproductiveness will break your emotions, it will cost you time, labor and money. Taking note of these challenges will help you redefine your process – activities, workloads, goals etc.
Once a business is no longer yielding profits, results and growth, it’s as good as shutting down.
Being unproductive here also implies that something could or can be productive but no action is/was taken. Your no action days are unproductive and a sign that you’re in no good fit to continue running the business. Every little activities and actions compounds to make a bigger input to result in great outputs. The business has to be generative, creative and productive. Get some inspirations if you’re beginning to get hit by your business activities resulting in unproductiveness and stagnancy.



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