Whether you are from, Europe, Asia or any part of the world, you would know that being a startup entrepreneur comes with many challenges, even though the challenges cannot be equally measured from country to country and from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

Starting a business can be full of excitement and a very wildly fulfilling expectations.

However, startups are faced with many challenges and problems making them fail even much faster than they launch out. The challenges are pretty much the same everywhere.

From where I come from, Ghana; starting a business is extremely challenging as well as frustrating with a very unfriendly startup Eco systems.

During my years of starting up, I encountered many roadblocks, heart aching rejections, lack of resources and a little know-how  business intelligence.

If your startup survives beyond a year in my country, then be rest assured you have the ability to survive a few more years and luckily grow into a recognized corporate outfit.

Having gone through the ugliest experiences in establishing my company COMMEC GHANA LTD ; a business development and marketing company, I decided we would focus on helping startups and small businesses with their developments and growth strategies. This has become one of our core strengths and services.

I believe every startup needs a companion. Yes! Someone to look up to, some one to learn from and someone to be inspired by. I am not a “full fleshed” entrepreneur; I am still growing and I am still learning. Entrepreneurship is a continuous process, it never ends no matter the level of experience, knowledge or expertise.

Together with my team at COMMEC GHANA, a very supporting team; which  decided to partner with my brand “HARMONY ATTISE” to aid startups on a larger scale using my  experience together with our teams expertise in creating an easy go-to startup and small business outfit but most importantly raising great startup entrepreneurs and building solid, relevant and multi-billion international businesses.

Your startup journey should never be lonely. It should not be frustrating and neither should it be so challenging for you to give up on your dreams and potentials.

We are not here to provide you with financial supports (we can help you with how to make the money) but to provide you with the entrepreneurial intelligence, business management skills and growth strategies to get you through to building sustainable businesses.

So if you are a startup or a small business owner, this blog is definitely ideal for you.

We will provide deep business solutions to your challenges. If you fail to get it here, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US

Every information provided in here are the sole work of the author of this blog and owns sole copyrights. It is not intended to be your first and last resort to your business decisions but to guide you through it and support you face them head on..

Join our startup revolution train in building businesses that would change lives, impact the global economy and change our very own lives.

Startups, small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs; This is a blog for you!

This blog is powered and managed by COMMEC GHANA LTD

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