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Professional Startup Coaching and Consulting

STARTUPwithHARMONY ; Harmony and her team has worked with several startup businesses and still counting. Her experiences as a startup business developer have earned her much knowledge to share abreast with startups and small business owners. Founded COMMEC GHANA LTD, a business development company that has the needs of startups at heart and focusing on their development, growth and sustainability

We  have the expertise to guide you through the phases of your startup business and ideas.


The Mission:

To raise impeccable startup entrepreneurs and build businesses around the world. Starting them up right in every direction and in every corners of the business world.

The Vision:

To become a leading startup business development experts defining the status quo of the global business development industry and helping young people build businesses that would impact the world’s economy and transform their lives.
The focus is to improve the  process businesses set up and how they can start right, paving the platforms to grow into big entities and  solving real problems with concrete solutions all over the world.

Our desire to impact the business and professional services has been recognized internationally. The “Startup Right With Harmony” business column in the leading business and financial times newspaper in Ghana is widely impacting the startup businesses with knowledge and startup support system within the country and also on it’s online portal cutting across the globe.

A one-on-one coaching experience, consulting and other available services are well designed and structured programs that are certain to guarantee your growth, the success of your startup, your small business and as well as you being an entrepreneur.
Our goal is to help you start right in every possible way,  grow as a business with a strategic plan and sustain the businesses you have started or yet to start.

Our in-depth startup development intelligence and experience would help to adequately shape your ideas into a well structured business.

Knowing very well we are dealing with startups and small business owners, our coaching process is tailored to suit your business and your budget. You will be provided with materials to guide you through the process and records kept safely to regularly review and update your progress to produce exceptionally excellent results for you as a startup owner and for your business.
STARTUPwithHARMONY is an independent brand managed and promoted by COMMEC GHANA LTD. For Harmony Attise.

This service is provided in collaboration with the business development company – Commec Ghana to help you achieve your fulfilling business goal(s).

Take a reliable chance with us and see the bigger picture you wish for your business and as an individual.

For further information, feel free to contact us via STARTUPwithHARMONY