HAVE A BIG BUSINESS IDEA? Here’s How To Start-Up (2)

Although starting up a new business is an exciting venture, it’s important not to rush into starting up or launching without a proper market investigation; thus knowing exactly where you fit in. To be successful with your product or service, you need to research about the market to give you a competitive advantage.
Conducting a research also helps you determine the viability of your business idea.



“Who goes to the market without money and comes back with foods stuff or groceries? Starting a business is more like an investment than playing the magician and making things grow out of nowhere. What you put in is what you get out. Investments sometimes or most often comes with risks and most importantly with costs. Nobody starts a “serious” business with absolutely no cash or with very little cash.


“An Entrepreneur who is unable to create their own experiences to develop solutions from them, to grow and unable to make discerningly intelligent decisions amidst business situations relying on that “superior excellence” of intelligence but would rather depend on guidelines of other entrepreneurs lack the “entrepreneurial intelligence. Some may dispute this fact with the view that we learn from others experiences. Yes! that is true, but how do one build a business only based on others experiences?